Application Registration Process

Step 1 - Office Details
1) Fill office details either by selecting appropriate office (or)
    By entering a valid neighbour's K No.

Step 2 - Type of Connection
1) Select the Request Type details (Temporary or Permanent)

Step 3 - Applicant Details
Enter applicant details like:
    Name, Father/Husband Name, Full Address, District, STD Code, Landline Mobile No., E-Mail and Status of Applicant(Tenant, Owner or Occupier).

Step 4 - Connection Details
Select your Purpose of Supply(Office, Cinema Hall, Clinic etc.,) then make selection for required Load Units(HP/KW)
then enter Applied load and contract Demand (KVA)

Step 5 - Bank Details
Enter your Bank Account Details like,Bank Name, Account Type(Current, Savings, Other) along with IFSC Code and Account Number.

Step 6 - Ownership of Meter
Make selection for Meter Ownership provided by JVVNL or by the Applicant him/her self.

Step 7 - Required Documents and Save Application
Upload Required documents for New Connection Save the application.
After saving the application you will get unique Application ID and this will be used for tracking the application status.
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